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Are There Otters In Your Crawl Space?

When a family in the Everett area begins to hear scratching and squeaking from their Everett crawl space, it is likely that the last thing they expect to see when peering into the gloom of their crawl space is a family of otters. Surprisingly, otters are actually a crawl space plague for those homes that are along the waterways of Everett!

Unlike other pests like rodents or mice, an otter’s coat and excrement have a uniquely intense stench. The crawl space stack effect then pulls this smelly air up into the living spaces, exposing its occupants to the pungent aroma. In addition, otters will create a comfortable living space by tearing up the crawl space insulation and chewing holes through air ducts. Their larger size naturally means a much larger mess. If you’ve got otters in your crawl space, dealing with these critters should happen as soon as possible to avoid any further damage. Here are three simple steps to restore your crawl space after an otter invasion.

1. Remove the Otter and Seal the Crawl Space

The first step is to have the crawl space otter or otters safely removed from the crawl space. Our pest control services at Clean Crawls can help you ensure that the otters are safely removed and relocated to a humane environment. Following the removal, any holes, cracks, or exposed areas should be sealed to protect against crawl space pest infestations in the future.


2. Clean the Crawl Space

By the time the otter or otters are discovered and removed, they will have already done damage to your crawl space. Besides leaving dr

oppings throughout the space, they will have torn up and damaged the insulation and may have damaged air ducts and electrical wires. If otters found your crawl space comfortable, there may also be high moisture levels and standing water in the area.

A dirty crawl space can diminish your home’s air quality, threaten the integrity of its structure, and reduce its ab

ility to insulate properly. Cleaning out the crawl space will enable you to remove all torn and damaged insulation, lay down a fresh vapor barrier, repair wires and ducts, and remove all traces of the otter’s presence. No more crawl space otters!

3. Replace Crawl Space Insulation

Now that the otter has been relocated, the area has been sealed, and the damaged structure is repaired, it is time to replace the insulation in your crawl space. Replacing the insulation is a critical part of restoring the health and integrity of your home. An insulated crawl space will allow you to better regulate the temperature in your home and will block the transfer of energy and moisture through your walls. Installing new insulation can even end up saving you money!

If you’re concerned that you might have a crawl space otter family, don’t hesitate to contact us. We offer pest control services, as well as crawl space cleaning andcrawl space insulation services. For more information, feel free to give us a call, or fill out our contact form.